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   Hello, I'm a Indie Game Dev and founded ShadowSphere Entertainment back in 2014. 

 ShadowSphere Entertainment's goals are to provide awesome entertainment mainly as a potential game company but concept artists, musicians and other aspects of art digital or otherwise are welcome. 

 I have been honing my art skills and working on other projects after 2014 to now, 2021, I want to thank my old friends from way back in 2014 for supporting my work here on the website. I have returned so I hope to update this website. 

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Reply The Dragon God
7:20 AM on December 10, 2016 
Man I need to fix up this website, sorry everyone. I am highly active on Facebook tho, just look up SSE.
Reply The Dragon God
11:06 PM on July 23, 2016 
I will eventually redesign this website.
Reply The Dragon God
2:44 PM on October 19, 2014 
So my PC's messing up and I can't access Facebook through my PS3. I feel blocked out!! -__-
Reply The Dragon God
2:32 AM on September 2, 2014 
I've been developing the dialogue for the NPCs in a effort to make a more interesting world.
Reply The Dragon God
4:14 PM on July 30, 2014 
Will update the website.
Reply The Dragon God
5:14 AM on May 6, 2014 
Working on DDC:PS. ^^
Reply Dart
7:35 PM on February 19, 2014 
In the flesh... but not really
Reply The Dragon God
4:04 AM on February 15, 2014 
Lost data for TBGC:M, since my demo's data was encrypte by me, I'm surprisingly unable to unlock it. As things stand TBGC:M has been cancelled.
Reply The Dragon God
8:48 AM on December 30, 2013 
Wow yet another tester for my demo has giving me a exciting review filled with supportive feedback to improve my gae on as qwell as king words. Echo's review seems to me that for him, my characters are alot of fun. I'm glad and thank God.
Reply The Dragon God
9:09 PM on December 26, 2013 
@Blade, Your welcome, I'll help drive people to your website, already got a link posted here.

@Junior, Welcome, it's good to see you here. Take a look around. ^^
Reply JuniorAfro
2:25 AM on December 26, 2013 
I didn't know how to reply earlier, but here I am. I'm good. You bro?
Reply BladesOfGlory
9:32 PM on December 24, 2013 
Thanks for joining my site. I don't know what you can do to help. I actually pretty much have everything set. I do need a staff if that's what you want to enroll in.
Reply The Dragon God
6:27 PM on December 24, 2013 
Hey my Goddess lol. I'll give you Mod status since I've known you for a uear now lol.
Reply thedragongoddess
12:34 AM on December 24, 2013 
Hi~! I finally made it on here! I am currently writing FIRST_NOTE for you. I wanted to post it as a new category and add topics so it could become a community story, but it looks like only moderators can do that. The first poem-song, Rhy Maetalia, is posted!
Reply The Dragon God
12:22 AM on November 8, 2013 
I will rewrite the KOD blog novel I had on my original website. Also I'm designing my first rpg game and it will be free as a thanks to my fans.
Reply The Dragon God
12:15 AM on November 8, 2013 
Nanai I still like your name XD
You need a character.
Reply Nanai
11:23 PM on November 6, 2013 
I know. XD
Reply The Dragon God
4:12 AM on October 30, 2013 
New concept art on Frey'ra in the DDC photo album.
New Forum information!
Reply The Dragon God
5:08 AM on October 29, 2013 
I'll try to be on everyday in the afternoon. After 4 or 5pm Central time. I'll get on as often as possible.
Reply The Dragon God
4:48 AM on October 29, 2013 
This website is gaining new members but it's happening too slow.