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TBGC:O Demo Coming Soon!

The up coming game The Blade Goddess Chronicles: Origins is currently in development. A demo is available!

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Update Log

July 30, 2021 - News: The website will be fixed, and updated abit, aside from the website, I have a new YouTube channel. Subscribe to at at Dyraiz Artz. Also IF you want to support the website or my work, I accept USD on Paypal, the donate button is linked below. Thank you for everything!

Sept 27, 2014 - News: ShadowSphere Entertianment has new members to the Dev Team and a demo is now available to The Blade Goddess Chronicles: Origins located in the Links! Enjoy!

June 28,2013 - News: Today is the official launch of the ShadowSphere Entertainment website! Just a bit of history but this is ShadowSphere's s new website.